ESOP & Cap Table Management

One-stop solution to enable Digital Equity and streamline ESOP management process to handle queries within minutes

ESOP & Cap Table

Equity Management for Growing Companies

Move away from manual spreadsheets to automatic and streamlined ESOP Management with Vega Equity

Growing Companies
  • Customized ESOPs Design

    Customized ESOPs Design

  • Drag & Drop features to create your own ESOP plan

    Manage Options & Grants to build Cap Table in one place

  • Scenario Management

    Plan and visualize multiple dilution & valuation scenarios

  • Error-free Reconcilable data

    Get real-time vested, allocated, granted ESOP pool data

Smarter & Automatic Equity Management

Equity is a powerful tool available for organizations. Leverage it effectively for talent retention, talent attraction, and incentive planning.

Get more out of your Equity

Employ your resources and utilize manhours in productive tasks and leave ESOP Management to Vega Equity. Issue Grants to hundreds of Employees and manage disbursement of Digital Grant letters in a matter of seconds. Vega Equity helps you retain talent, fundraise smarter, and stay compliant.


Keep your cap table organized and current

With Vega Equity replace the chain of threads, emails, PDFs, and spreadsheets with a single source of truth to manage your Cap Table and Employee Dashboards. Create seperate clean dashboard views for the Investors, Founders, and Employees to help visualize their positions

Cap Table

Equity Management for Growing Companies

Move away from manual spreadsheets to automatic and streamlined ESOP Management with Vega Equity

  • Vega HR
    Create your ESOP Plan

    With our self-service model build your own features as you need

  • Vega HR
    Visualization & Dashboards

    View all your needed data from issued to vested Esops in one place

  • Vega HR
    Cap Table Management

    Manage all your Cap table and future funding needs from one place

  • Vega HR
    Paperless and Error-free management

    Get real-time allocated, granted, vested, and lapsed ESOP pool data

Vega HR apart

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Easy Onboarding Easy Onboarding

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Data Security Easy Onboarding

ISO 9001 and ISO 270001 certified to ensure 100% data security at all times

Best-in class support Easy Onboarding

Set up your Equity Management Platform in a week with the best support

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Automating Equity Management at every phase of ESOPs Lifecycle

Grant ESOPs to all your deserving employees within a few clicks and manage the allotment end-to-end with ESOP Pool creation, grants, vesting management, and more with Vega Equity

Automating Equity Management

All-in-one solution for ESOP Management

Designed to scale from the first employee to thousands of employees. Automate your Equity compensation with paperless management of ESOP grants, keep track of vesting schedules, and Cap Table management

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Budgeting & Variance analysis
Budgeting & Variance analysis

Manage your annual budgets by monitoring the budgeted figures v/s the actual revenue and cost

Budgeting & Variance analysis
KPI Tracking

Track, measure, and report useful metrics as per your business requirements

Budgeting & Variance analysis
Internal & Statutory Audit Management

Manage all the statutory compliance and regulatory fillings for your organization

Budgeting & Variance analysis
Monthly updates on Financials

Monthly MIS prepared for the management and investors with key metrics and benchmarks

Budgeting & Variance analysis
Strategic Initiatives

Help companies effectively translate it's goals and vision into practice

Budgeting & Variance analysis
Scenario Planning

Assert control over an uncertain world by identifying assumptions about the future scenarios

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"Vega HR has been one of the most highly engaging, encouraging, and enjoyable experiences we could give our employees in terms of rewards and recognition. The effective implementation of this tool helped us build a transparent culture of continuous appreciation and feedback."

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"Vega HR provides instant gratification. I love the simplicity and ease of being able to appreciate someone in a breeze. We not only get to celebrate work milestones but also birthdays and anniversaries, which helps us connect with each other better."

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"Vega Rewards has many features which help boost employee morale by recognizing and rewarding good performance with many prizes such as coupons, certificates, and awards. Peer-to-peer shoutout has helped build team morale and improved engagement"

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Frequently asked questions

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Vega Equity was designed to equip companies to manage their equity in the most effective way possible. Along with accurate cap table management, Vega Equity’s platform offers an intuitive, error-free, and paperless experience that is customized to suit the needs of the user and ensures that it is a one-stop destination for any information which the stakeholders require with pinpoint accuracy.

Yes, 100% safe. Vega Equity adheres to strict Data privacy & security standards. We have a secured cloud with 90+ data compliance certifications including CIS Benchmarks.

It's simple. Register with us today to get a demo and understand our platform in detail. You can also avail our 14-day free trial and then upgrade to one of our plans. (P.S. You wouldn't resist)

There are a lot of factors to consider while creating an ESOP pool for your organization, including but not limited to the stage of the startup, the number of employees, long-term vision, etc. It is important to create the ESOP pool at early stages such that growing companies can adjust to the increase in valuations.