66 Top Creative Employee Award Titles: Explained with Types and Examples

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    Make employee appreciation fun with quirky and innovative employee award titles & ideas. Read this blog to find out different aspects you can reward with a plethora of amazing titles to choose from behavior to leadership to performance, this blog has you covered!



The concept of creating a culture of recognition and appreciation has always been relevant. Its application has evolved – it started off with positively reaffirming words to monetary incentives and now to a plethora of ways to reward employees. This promising transition means that employees are a lot more invested in their roles and the company’s growth, and actively look to contribute towards it. A survey by Incentive found that 38% of employees want to receive rewards in exchange for good work.

Employee awards are one of those novel ways of employee recognition, and along with being a wholesome effort, it is a great morale booster for everyone.

But the same award, at the same time every year might become monotonous or repetitive. The excitement might gradually decrease, and the objective of such initiatives would end up nullified. To avoid this, associate captivating titles to your awards, which can also serve as nicknames (who would not like being called ‘Tony Stark’). Use different avenues of recognition, like on–spot and peer-to-peer recognition to retain the element of surprise.

This blog has categorized different reward-worthy aspects with many quirky title examples, like performance awards, leadership awards, and much more. Read on to find out!

Creative Performance Awards Title List

Aspects like efficiency, productivity, and goals are important drivers for a company’s growth. And rewarding employees award titles that set benchmarks in these aspects with performance rewards will not only boost their confidence but also motivate others to be at their best.

To ensure that these awards don’t become repetitive, give them cool names that could also hype them! For example, who wouldn’t want to be called MVP of the office? Cool names like these help foster some healthy competition at your workplace while also increasing anticipation for such awards.

Here is a carefully curated list of titles that can make the award season more exciting -

Behavior and Social Value Awards

Do not just stop at just rewarding performance! There are many aspects that contribute to a rewarding workplace culture. From a behavioral perspective, identify aspects that employees display that brings the best out of everyone around them, like humility, adaptability, being a team player, or someone who consistently motivates their peers – reward them with titles like ‘The Ultimate Motivator’, or ‘The Vibe Connosseur’. Or pick any title from our curated list of title ideas!

Service or Tenure Commemoration Awards

Every employee is important to a company. Each of them contributes to a different aspect whether they joined recently or years ago. While some companies provide a retention bonus, companies can step it up by commemorating the employees’ journey with them at different stages! So, while you celebrate the amazing contributions of employees that have been with you for many years, you can also appreciate your newer employees by commemorating their one-year tenure, two-year tenure, or much more!

New Hire Awards

Welcome the new employees with a bang! Introduce fun titles to ease their process of accommodating the company culture. Such awards can also boost their self-confidence and help them understand the nuances of their role better.

Here is a list of whacky titles that can make employee onboarding more fun -

Team Awards Names & Ideas

A little bit of healthy competition never goes amiss in the office. Reward the best teams with hype-worthy titles with references from pop culture – our favorite is ‘The Avengers’!

Rewarding teams is like a package. It is not just rewarding productivity, but also rewarding group aspects like cohesiveness and communication.

Here is a list of other titles that reward amazing team performances -

Employee Leadership Awards Titles

Ronald Reagan once said, ‘The greatest leader is necessarily not the one that does the greatest things. He is the one that gets people to do the greatest things.’

Leadership is a critical component of effective management and organizational effectiveness. Leaders can motivate, inspire, and direct their teams to achieve their objectives. These employees are visionaries, trendsetters, and great mentors for younger employees. So why not reward such inspiring personalities at work?

Here are a few titles that reward amazing leadership in the best way possible -

Customer Service Awards For Employee

If a customer has a positive experience with a business, they are more likely to return, and the more loyal customers you have, the more likely your company is to reach its full potential. It also increases the value of the brand and the company culture.

So, rewarding employees that are the company’s liaison with clients means happy customers!

Here are some ideas that are amazing morale-boosting title ideas -

Quirky Employee Awards categories

What makes a fun workplace fun? When it’s not just about performance and deadlines. There might be an employee who is an amazing dancer or someone who can kill it on any comedy stage. Appreciate these aspects with our list of quirky titles and stand out as an exciting workplace!


These are some inventive employee award titles to consider for your employees. Employee recognition award titles are significant since they add value to an employee's efforts and labor while boosting your corporate culture.

At the end of the day, employee recognition is all about celebrating accomplishments and recognizing people for their efforts. There are numerous ways to motivate your employees, and employee award titles are one of them. Create aspirational employee awards to highlight your company culture. Implement on-spot and peer–to–peer recognition to keep them engaging.

Vega HR can help you implement a comprehensive rewards plan that includes different aspects of recognition and appreciation. It allows you to create a people-first culture and fosters overall growth of positivity and productivity.

Contact us to know more about how Vega HR can contribute to your work culture.

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