Vega Recognition Rewards

Let's start building a Culture of Value, Respect, and Gratitude

Build the foundation of a happy people-first culture to create meaningful connections for a more engaged and productive workforce.

Vega Recognition

Reimagine Your Employee Recognition Program

Build a culture of appreciation where employees recognize and celebrate great work, feel connected, motivated, engaged and love to work.

Recognition Platform

A winning culture starts with an engaged workforce

Peer to Peer Recognition

Democratize Rewards and Recognition

  • Collaborate

    Build team camaraderie by empowering employees to recognize each other easily and on the go.

  • Applaud

    Acknowledge good work and celebrate both small and big wins through public shout-outs.

  • Align

    Connect to company values with personal heart-filled messages, greetings, reward points, and awards.

  • Nominate

    Bring your values to life by nominating peers for awards to motivate and boost morale.

Peer Recognition

Spot Recognition

Create a culture of gratitude where everyone has a voice

  • Motivate

    Instantly uplift employee morale by real-time recognition.

  • Reward

    Recognise, reward, and celebrate your colleagues without prior approval.

Spot Recognition

Social Intranet

Reinforce organizational citizenship using social recognition

  • Encourage

    Increase teamwork by encouraging timely and frequent appreciation on a real-time interactive social feed.

  • Engage

    Congratulate colleagues with interactive features such as likes, comments, photos, and GIFs on the social news feed.

  • Amplify

    Amplify recognition by sharing the swags - certificates & badges on LinkedIn and Facebook directly.

  • Celebrate

    Share memories, communicate good news, and celebrate achievements together on the Vega Wall.

Social Intranet

Actionable Analytics

Recognize and analyse to re-enforce and accelerate the culture of recognition

  • Trends

    Identify trends in interdepartmental collaboration and which core values are being highlighted most often with analytics dashboard and reports.

  • Engagement

    Understand the overall snapshot of employee engagement at an employee level by looking looking at metrics like no. of recognitions given or received, feedback, etc

Actionable Analytics

What sets Vega HR apart?


Regular personal nudges and reminders throughout the experience to keep employees engaged and coming back for more.

Instant Notifications

Never miss a moment about employee engagement activities with real-time mobile and desktop push notifications.

Customisable Workflows

Customise and manage reward categories, nomination workflows, budgets, and much more as per your requirements.

Integrate Seamlessly with existing workflows

We provide a modern digital experience for your workforce by seamlessly integrating with your existing software like Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc., and with our open API, you'll be able to bring the Vega HR magic to almost every part of your business.

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Best Implementation Experience!

"Vega HR has been one of the most highly engaging, encouraging, and enjoyable experiences we could give our employees in terms of rewards and recognition. The entire team is quick, flexible, and always helpful.”


Devansh Lakhani Founder

Monday's Are Better With Vega HR!

"Vega HR provides instant gratification. I love the simplicity of being able to appreciate someone in a breeze. It has helped us keep a high standard for productivity and ensured that we value and reward good performances.”


People ExperienceHead

Vega HR Has Been A Revelation For Everyone!

"Vega Rewards has many features which help boost employee morale and improve engagement by recognizing and rewarding good performance with many prizes such as coupons, certificates, and awards.”


Employee BenefitsBusiness Head

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