Re-calibrate your business values with ease

The phrase 'Change is the only constant' fits the enterprise culture like no other. Create an inclusive culture leveraging Vega HR to redefine and readjust your enterprise values.

Cultural Amplification

Shape up a culture that is unique and resonates with workforce

Lead by example

Identify and reward the values that define your business goals

With Vega HR, define your own rewards template that percolates your business values and vision to your employees.

Lead by example
Seeing is believing

Reinforce and live by the values in your regular employee interactions

Ensure your values are not just limited to literature and not followed. With Vega HR, supplement and practice them in your internal and external channels.

Seeing is believing
Think out of the box

Engage and include your entire workforce with little effort

Schedule and automate some bare minimum engagement opportunities for your hybrid workforce while you come up with some innovative ways to amaze them.

Employee Satisfaction

Platform traits loved by our user community

Reaffirming cultural

Reaffirming cultural values through associated rewards and shoutouts

Social chatterbox

Social chatterbox to catch all action & engage with others' achievements


Auto-approved spot reward to colleagues encourages collaboration


Happiness index to show mood of the day gives freedom to express

Coupon options

Coupon options for every occasion and activity maximizes the usability

MS Teams

Integrated with MS Teams and other apps that help with timely recognition

Our rewards program prepares your organization for a rewarding employee lifecycle

Even your top performers need the right nudges in the form of recognition, feedback and reward throughout the Lifecycle. Identify employee signals and automate rewards for every occasion & milestone in your employees professionals as well personal journey.


Bringing the empathy and human touch in the physically disconnected world of remote work

With a hybrid and remote work culture, the employees are overwhelmed with navigating platforms and tools. Maximizing the impact of a rewards platform equally needs to address the issue. Integrate Vega HR into your everyday activities.

Integrate Seamlessly

Amplify your enterprise values with the help of our well-curated rewards platform

Let's connect and discuss how Vega HR can help with cultural amplification

We love what we do and we believe our clients do too

Best Implementation Experience!

"Vega HR has been one of the most highly engaging, encouraging, and enjoyable experiences we could give our employees in terms of rewards and recognition. The entire team is quick, flexible, and always helpful.”


Devansh Lakhani Founder

Monday's Are Better With Vega HR!

"Vega HR provides instant gratification. I love the simplicity of being able to appreciate someone in a breeze. It has helped us keep a high standard for productivity and ensured that we value and reward good performances.”


People ExperienceHead

Vega HR Has Been A Revelation For Everyone!

"Vega Rewards has many features which help boost employee morale and improve engagement by recognizing and rewarding good performance with many prizes such as coupons, certificates, and awards.”


Employee BenefitsBusiness Head

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Vega HR strongly believes in Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition, and Respect & Celebration of Employees at its core. With its features including Vega Social, Vega Pulse, Vega Rewards, and Vega Recognition Vega HR reaches Employees at all phases of their Employment

Yes, 100% safe. Vega HR adheres to strict Data privacy & security standards. We have a secured cloud with 90+ data compliance certifications including CIS Benchmarks.

It's simple. Register with us today to get a demo and understand our platform in detail. You can also avail our 14-day free trial and then upgrade to one of our plans. (P.S. You wouldn't resist)

Vega HR with its unique product helps organizations create more employee engagement in both the short & long run. By offering a wide range of choices at the employees' fingertips Vega HR creates sense of fulfilment & great experiences for your employees.