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Global Coupon Store (3000+ Coupons)
Peer to Peer Awards
Personal Wallet/ E wallet Rewards
Achievement based rewards
Dynamic Nomination and approval flow
Spot awards
Townhall awards
Instant Notification
Milestone based rewards
Dynamic Point Allocation to different award categories
Dynamic Budget Allocation
Dynamic Signatures on Certificate
Bulk Awards and Gifts
Personalised Gift Cards
Multi-currency Redemption

Polls and Quizes
360 Feedback & Feedback reminders
Happiness/ Pulse Index
Social Intranet
Celebrate special occasions
Wall of fame
Share achievements on social media channels
Build your own survey

Dedicated CSM
Onboarding Assistance
Upto 4 hours
Vega Resources
Product Training
Email and Call Support

Instant Reports
Mobile App
Dashboard and Analytics
Bulk Upload
Role based access

Company Branding
Reward Badges
Dynamic Email
Configurable Rules
Customised Awards

Custom HRIS Integration
Open API

Data Retention and Audit Trail
CIS Benchmarks Certified
ISO 9001
ISO 27001

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Vega HR strongly believes in Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition, and Respect & Celebration of Employees at its core. With its features including Vega Social, Vega Pulse, Vega Rewards, and Vega Recognition Vega HR reaches Employees at all phases of their Employment

Yes, 100% safe. Vega HR adheres to strict Data privacy & security standards. We have a secured cloud with 90+ data compliance certifications including CIS Benchmarks.

It's simple. Register with us today to get a demo and understand our platform in detail. You can also avail our 14-day free trial and then upgrade to one of our plans. (P.S. You wouldn't resist)

Vega HR with its unique product helps organizations create more employee engagement in both the short & long run. By offering a wide range of choices at the employees' fingertips Vega HR creates sense of fulfillment & great experiences for your employees.

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50000K+ Rewards given
4K+ Coupon Options
1 Lacs + User Pool

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"Vega HR has been one of the most highly engaging, encouraging, and enjoyable experiences we could give our employees in terms of rewards and recognition. The entire team is quick, flexible, and always helpful.


Devansh Lakhani Founder

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"Vega HR provides instant gratification. I love the simplicity of being able to appreciate someone in a breeze. It has helped us keep a high standard for productivity and ensured that we value and reward good performances.


People ExperienceHead

Vega HR Has Been A Revelation For Everyone!

"Vega Rewards has many features which help boost employee morale and improve engagement by recognizing and rewarding good performance with many prizes such as coupons, certificates, and awards.


Employee BenefitsBusiness Head