Integrate Seamlessly with existing workflows

A modern digital experience for your workforce with single sign-on (SSO) along with seamless integrations with your existing HRMS and chat tools.

Integrate Seamlessly

Engage Employees In the Flow Of Work

Recognition made accessible in everyday tools

Unified and secure
Unified and secure

Exchange data securely and in real-time with our extremely reliable platform.

Maximise ROI
Maximise ROI

Maximise your investment and connect the tools that you already use at no extra costs.

Works on the move
Works on the move

Empower employees to recognise each other on the go with our mobile and web application.

Culture of Recognition
Culture of Recognition

Connect people to a purpose and each other and make recognition a team sport.

Never Miss A Moment
Never Miss A Moment

Celebrate moments of gratitude, appreciation, feedback and collaboration in real-time.

Connect To Company Values
Connect To Company Values

Improve communication, inspire performance, align teams and motivate employees.

Vega HR Integrations

Chat & Collaboration

Integrate Vega HR with your favourite collaboration tools to boost employee engagement where employees can give and receive feedback, appreciate colleagues, receive notifications, and much more right within the app.

  • Slack
    Foster a culture of recognition where conversations happen. Reward good performance, create opportunities for feedback, recognize, and celebrate achievements within the app.
  • microsoft Teams
    Reward your peers with the click of a button - without ever leaving the app. Employees can receive recognition in real-time within Teams, too.
Single Sign On

Login to Vega HR securely and conveniently with one user ID using the Single sign on.

  • Google Workspace
    Enhanced security and authentication with SSO to support all your secure user access requirements and provide a seamless login experience.
  • Azure logo
    This integration provides single sign-on and multi-factor authentication and enables organizations to provide employees with seamless and secure access to Vega HR.
Other Integrations
  • Linkedin
    Celebrate achievements and deliver a fun and seamless experience helping employees share their awards and certificates on their LinkedIn profiles directly.
  • Facebook
    Stay connected by celebrating and sharing your big and small wins and achievements with your loved ones directly on Facebook.
  • WhatsApp
    Ensure continuous engagement by sharing your achievements with people who matter to you seamlessly on Whatsapp and keep them close no matter where they stay.

The best places to work trust Vega HR

What sets Vega HR apart?

  • Vega HR
    Quick Deployment

    Get your Rewards & Recognition platform ready to go within a few hours

  • Vega HR
    Single Source Of Truth

    Engage your teams of all sizes no matter where they work, with one platform

  • Vega HR
    People Management

    Get powerful insights about your teams to make data-driven decisions

  • Vega HR
    Vega HR's Philosophy

    We aim to create a powerful employee experience for everyone to thrive

Vega HR apart

Open API

Leverage our open Open API to create custom integrations that can fit seamlessly into your workflow and re-instill a culture of appreciation at your workplace and make recognition a part of your employee's daily routine

Open API

Mobile App

Employee Rewards and Recognition, on the go.

The app empowers your teams to give feedback, recognize great work, have authentic conversations and connect with each other no matter where they are.

  • Vega-HR
  • Vega-HR
Positive Influence on Work Environment