Vega Pulse Rewards

Keep in Touch with your Employees' Opinions

Implement top quality decision making by staying connected with your employees' thoughts

Vega Pulse

Happiness and Mood Index

Evaluate metrics and get regular feedback

  • Measure and Act

    Keep track of your team's frame of mind consistently and create a structure to provide help when required.

  • Employee Wellbeing

    Evaluate the key driving factors of your employees' well being and be there to lend a hand when needed.

Happiness and Mood Index


Strategize for effective employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Feedback

    Receive real time employee feedback that gives you opportunity to identify areas of growth and improve employee satisfaction

  • Work Culture

    Build a safe and positive work environment for employees to work without inhibitions.



Keep in touch with your employees' thoughts

  • The Complete Picture

    Gives you a broader perspective of everyone in the workplace and gauge their thoughts and opinions

  • Mutual Loyalty

    Gives an opportunity for employees to hear and be heard.


Polls and Quizzes

Gauge and improve employee engagement

  • Improve Efficiency

    Conduct quizzes for fun, test any ideas you have, or for something you want to know about, and give more changes to be heard

  • Internal Contests

    Encourage healthy competition while creating an engaging workplace and create a space for team building!

Polls and Quizzes

Analyze, Infer, Implement

Create your own success stories with Vega HR by reading between the numbers, thanks to our interactive dashboards and detailed reports!

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The Employee Engagement Platform that helps define your culture

Build a culture of appreciation where employees recognize and celebrate great work, feel connected, motivated, engaged and love to work.

Recognition Platform

Integrate Seamlessly with existing workflows

We provide a modern digital experience for your workforce by seamlessly integrating with your existing software like Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc., and with our open API, you'll be able to bring the Vega HR magic to almost every part of your business.

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Founders and HRs love Vega HR

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Best Implementation Experience!

"Vega HR has been one of the most highly engaging, encouraging, and enjoyable experiences we could give our employees in terms of rewards and recognition. The entire team is quick, flexible, and always helpful.”


Devansh Lakhani Founder

Monday's Are Better With Vega HR!

"Vega HR provides instant gratification. I love the simplicity of being able to appreciate someone in a breeze. It has helped us keep a high standard for productivity and ensured that we value and reward good performances.”


People ExperienceHead

Vega HR Has Been A Revelation For Everyone!

"Vega Rewards has many features which help boost employee morale and improve engagement by recognizing and rewarding good performance with many prizes such as coupons, certificates, and awards.”


Employee BenefitsBusiness Head

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