Innovative Top Pulse Survey Incentive Ideas to Elevate Your Response Rates

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    Elevate your survey response rates with our curated selection of cutting-edge survey incentive ideas. In this blog understand the concept of survey incentives, shedding light on their importance. Additionally, we'll provide you with an extensive array of ideas to navigate the process and enhance your response rates.



Have you found yourself in a workplace scenario where survey participation seems stagnant, leaving you wondering about the cause? If so, you're not alone – many organizations encounter this challenge. The truth is that a significant number of employees may not prioritize survey completion unless there's an enticing incentive involved.

Enter the crucial role of survey incentives. In this blog, we'll delve into the concept of survey incentives, shedding light on their importance. Additionally, we'll provide you with an extensive array of ideas to navigate the process and enhance your employee experience survey.

Defining Survey Incentives

Pulse Survey Incentives Ideas refer to offers or gifts extended to participants in surveys. These promotional items serve as encouragement for respondents to finish surveys and offer candid feedback to a company.

Survey incentives come in manifold forms. Some organizations utilize monetary offers, while others promote trial subscriptions and freemium products. Depending on the information and survey you can uniquely obtain your incentives and match the investment participants will put into your questions.

Being skeptical is okay if you have yet to use a survey incentive. After all, you're offering something for free, hoping you'll get information in return. If you're an SMB owner, you'll need some more reassurance before you make this type of move.

What types of incentives are the most effective?

Incentivizing respondents is divided into two primary forms: monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives. Both are effective ways of employee engagement surveys and can drive repeat participation. Let's explore!

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Monetary Survey Incentives Ideas

Researchers employ monetary-related rewards to attract participants for surveys. These incentives are granted to respondents only upon the successful completion of their surveys. An effective online survey tool should be capable of distinguishing between a genuinely completed survey and an invalid one.

Here are a few helpful monetary incentives ideas, including best practices on when and how to use them.

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1. Cash or gift card rewards

Previous research has shown that cash is one of the best incentives for boosting response rates. Who could turn down an additional dollar or more for a mere 2 minutes of their time? For example, a research team could offer 5 dollars to participants if they could complete a survey on consumer behavior in the context of online shopping. Cash rewards are popular rewards and recognition programs incentives that boost response rates and work for various surveys.

2. Reward Points

Implementing a reward point system will also help you boost survey participation. In this incentive model, employees receive points by engaging in surveys. Reward points are typically used as currency in rewards and recognition programs. The points can easily be redeemed for rewards such as - gift cards or customized experiences. Accruing points acts as an incentive for employees to participate in surveys.

3. Charitable Donations

You can provide employees the option to select a charity for a donation made on their behalf. This incentive is particularly appealing for individuals with a keen interest in contributing to charitable causes.

4. Membership Subscriptions

In a digital age dominated by content, offering subscriptions to popular services such as Netflix and Spotify can serve as a compelling option for employee incentives. This gives them membership access to a vast array of content, catering to their entertainment needs. As a result, it enhances their lifestyle and the choices they make.

Non-Monetary Survey Incentive ideas

These incentives encourage survey participants to complete surveys by providing non-monetary incentives that hold value for the respondents. This approach proves especially beneficial for B2B brands, where more than a mere small monetary incentive may be needed, such as in the case of a tech company. This broader perspective allows for the exploration of various incentive types.

Here are some examples, along with recommended best practices.

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1. Loyalty Programs

Only some of the incentives have to be monetary-based or physical. You can drive your audience with access to your loyalty program if you have one at your end. This provides your typical buyers a taste of being one of your top consumers when they get exclusive access or earn extra loyalty points.

It doesn't matter whether your loyalty program is about perks, freebies, or both; as long as there's something special about it, your audience will be interested.

2. Product Samples

Providing samples of your top-selling products is a fantastic suggestion. This approach not only helps you conserve resources and cut costs during your survey campaign but also enhances the overall survey experience for participants. Ensure that the samples align with the survey's perceived value. If your survey takes 15-20 minutes of respondents' time, offering a substantial and appealing sample can meet or exceed their expectations. Strategically plan this initiative, and it can serve as a valuable method to gather data while reinforcing your audience's appreciation for your products.

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3. Employee-led Workshop Day

Allow employees to lead a workshop or training session. Employees interested in sharing their knowledge, helping their co-workers, and confident enough to present themselves will find this tempting. This enables staff members to contribute their expertise, fostering collaboration and the exchange of skills within the organization.

4. Employee Recognition

Be consistent in ensuring recognition or appreciation for the initiatives your employees take towards participating in surveys. This form of incentive not only encourages them to undertake surveys but also boosts their morale and ignites them to engage with the company's interests.

How to Select the Right Incentive Ideas for You?

There are many factors to remember when selecting the apt incentive for you and your audience.

You must consider your budget, what your target audience looks like, their preferences, and how you will give people the incentives upon completing your surveys. To set up your customers for success, you must set yourself up for success.

Also, remember that your survey must be a manageable amount of time when looking at the reward and a manageable length. If an employee thinks that the reward is too good to be true, the organization might think twice about how legit the survey is. Plan your incentives carefully; this will be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

To know where to start with your pulse survey questions? Think about testing disparate incentive methods with a small group of respondents before you launch your survey to all. This may give you an idea of whether your incentive is effectual and whether your incentive is offering you the best, unbiased sample of respondents possible.

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