Top 10 Employee Appreciation Gifts

  • Written Written by Varshith 26 October 2022 | 4 min read


A healthy work culture is defined by various aspects, such as employee engagement and other morale boosting activities. An important aspect along with this is making efforts to build relationships beyond the workplace. The concept of employee gifting stems from employee appreciation, where the administration looks to show their gratitude for all the amazing work their team is doing! Appreciating employees gives the opportunity for us to show how much we know about our employees and at the same time to let employees know that they are in the right direction in their path of growth.

Significance of Employee Appreciation

There is a thin line between employee recognition and appreciation. Employee appreciation underlines every single milestone, be it big or small, irrespective of whether it is professional or personal. This is very crucial for us to connect with our employees better and foster a relationship of mutual appreciation and respect. Gifting is an essential part of employee appreciation and is a great way to show our admiration and respect for our colleagues. Here are a few gifts that are a great way of showing our appreciation for our employees

1. Plants

Plants, especially indoor plants, are gifts that can almost never go wrong. Along with the many health benefits that they provide, such as improving the air quality, they bring with them an aesthetic feel to our work setting and creates a calm environment. They are cost effective and easy to maintain as well. So even if you are working from the office or from your homes, plants help in improving your overall sense of well being.

2. Tech Savvy Gadgets

The evolution of technology is so fascinating. Not only because of its applications and how it has made our lives better, but also the kind of gadgets that have come out! From noise canceling headphones to smart watches to GoPro cameras, there is an exciting range of gadgets we can gift our employees with. Here are a few of our favorites that can help you start off -

And the best thing is, this list can never end!

3. Gift Cards

Gift card is a really smart gift option. Especially if we are still getting to know our teammates, this is a great way to foster positive relationships as it gives them an opportunity to buy what they are interested in. With many major chains like Starbucks and Amazon offering gift cards, it helps us take one step closer to knowing our colleagues better.

4. Candles

Candles help us diminish darkness, especially during power cuts :)
But in all seriousness, scented candles are a great choice for a small and intimate gift to a colleague. It has many benefits and contributes to the aesthetic feel and beauty of the room it is a part of. They help in easing and soothing the mind, and the scent provides a calm feeling after a long, busy day. The flicker of a candle creates a warm, cozy atmosphere in any room it is a part of. So all in all, a great gift that can brighten the room, both literally and figuratively.