Burnout Guide

It's official: Employees are experiencing burnout!

It is now time for organizations to create meaningful connections for a happier, more productive workplace

Burnout Guide


of workers have experienced burnout, especially during the pandemic


said that their HR did not encourage conversations about burnout


said their organization isn't doing anything to help with employee burnout

What is Burnout?

Burnout is one of the major workplace issues that can damage the productivity and growth of your teams, individual workers, and the organization as a whole. If left unchecked, employee retention will plummet and you will start losing talented people from pivotal roles in your organization. It’s significant to create policies and develop strategies to improve workplace culture and stop the rise of this trend.

Signs of burnout

Employees who say they very often or always experience burnout at work are


more likely to take a sick leave


are less confident in their performance


as likely to be actively seeking a different job

They also experience multiple issues in the work place some of which might be:

  • Vega HR Frequent disagreement among employees
  • Vega HR Lower levels of engagement and motivation
  • Vega HR Lack of work-life balance
  • Vega HR Lack of participation in new initiatives
  • Vega HR Negative work environment & increased exhaustion
  • Vega HR Poor decision-making

How to alleviate Employee Burnout

Vega HR

Make sure that your expectations are realistic and clear, and that they're understood.

Vega HR

Ascertain that employees have the resources they need

Vega HR

Demonstrate to employees their contributions and worth to the organization's objectives.

Vega HR

Conduct fun activities and wellness sessions to allow employees to take a break from their usual work

Vega HR

Help those who may feel compelled to work beyond usual business hours in assessing their workloads.

Vega HR

Through video conferences, foster social support and mutual respect within the team.

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Create a culture people cherish

  • Send rewards
  • Give shoutouts
  • Build a community
  • Gift experiences