Fun and Appreciation: Creative Ideas For Office Events and Holiday Fun Activities

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    Explore exciting ways to enhance office friendship with our 'Fun and Appreciation' blog, packed with creative ideas for unforgettable office events and holiday celebrations.



With the holidays approaching, it's time to think of ways to celebrate with your team! The holiday season offers an excellent opportunity to express  appreciation for employees and promote team engagement through festive celebrations.

In the present fast-paced and often stressful work environment, taking a break to celebrate appreciation holidays and events can be a remarkable way to foster a positive workplace culture and boost morale. Recognizing and appreciating your colleagues and employees not only enhances team dynamics but also increases productivity and job satisfaction.

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Organizations today have adopted newer and innovative ways to celebrate holidays and events at the workplace. To help you plan your year-round celebrations, we've compiled a list of fun appreciation holidays and events to celebrate at the office. Let's explore these opportunities to create a more enjoyable and harmonious workplace.

Walkthrough the Top Fun Activity Ideas for Office Events and Holidays
1. January

National Trivia Day (4th): Find out what your employees know! Plan a trivia contest. This can work either onsite or virtually. You can even buy small prizes for the winners.

Better Communication Day (24th): Good communication is the key to good business. On this particular day, you could host a game that requires communication. For instance, The Name Game involves affixing a Post-it note bearing the name of a well-known person onto the back of each participant. Players need to ask other questions to figure out whose name they have.

National Have Fun at Workday (27th): As if Fridays couldn't get any better around the office, National Fun at Workday falls on the last Friday of January! Whether you work for a small office or a huge organization, injecting fun into the workplace is a fantastic way to bond with coworkers, boost team morale, gain inspiration, and increase productivity. This day was created to foster happiness and humor and bring employees together.

2. February

National Send a Card to a Friend Day (7th): Sending cards to colleagues is a simple yet meaningful way to express appreciation and build positive relationships. It helps create a more supportive and friendly workplace, contributing to a better overall culture.

Random Act of Kindness Day (17th): The world needs kind acts every day, but you can set out on February 17th for a corporate display of kindness. Have each team member show some service to random strangers and have each act applauded by the entire team.

Be Humble Day (22nd): However proud you are of your achievements; remember you've not attained them all by yourself. On Be Humble Day, make it your priority to embrace humility. Start by restraining yourself from bragging about the fact that you're celebrating Be Humble Day!

3. March

World Engineers Day (4th): The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development was launched by UNESCO at its 40th General Conference in 2019. If your business has engineers on its team or operates in the engineering sector, commemorate the skills and achievements of your talented engineers on March 4th!

Employee Appreciation Day (6th): Employee Appreciation Day can encourage a sense of unity and teamwork among colleagues. When employees see their peers being acknowledged and rewarded, it can foster a supportive and collaborative work environment.

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International Women's Day (8th): Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women promotes diversity and inclusion. It sends a message that the organization values and respects the diverse perspectives, talents, and experiences that women bring to the workplace.

4. April

International Fun at Work Day (1st): This is also April Fool's Day. Not everyone enjoys practical jokes, but who doesn't want to have a little fun? Plan a fun activity for the day, a scavenger hunt or a cup stacking game.

Walk to Work Day (2nd): Kick off a health and wellness initiative and encourage employees to walk to work. Of course, this might not be feasible for all, so the option to bike to work is on the table as well. Create a little friendly competition and offer prizes for those who complete the challenge!

Administrative Professionals Day (27th): Remember your secretaries, receptionists, and administrative assistants. Get the whole office to acknowledge what these professionals do to keep the office going. You can buy flowers, order lunch, or have everyone sign a card.

5. May

Executive Coaching Day (1st): Many aspiring leaders resort to executive coaches to help them become the fulfilled leaders they want to be. Celebrate Executive Coaching Day by expressing your gratitude to the executive coaches who have guided you in your professional journey!

Mental Health Awareness Month (All of May): There are many ways you can let your staff know that their mental health is essential. Host some speakers to come in to speak on the topic of mental health. Plan mental health breaks for your staff, put snacks in the lounge or encourage a walk outside.

National Employee Health and Fitness Day (18th): Now that you've taken care of your staff's mental health, you can think about their body health. Plan a run for the weekend or exercise breaks at the office.

6. June

Say Something Nice Day (1st): Say Something Nice Day is an occasion to say the nice things we too often think about but don't dare to say out loud. Celebrate it by congratulating a coworker on their work, telling your colleagues why you appreciate them, etc.

World Environment Day (5th): Launched in 1974 by the United Nations, World Environment Day aims to raise awareness of environmental issues. Make it a special day at the office by reminding coworkers of the importance of recycling or coming to work by bus instead of taking your car.

International Picnic Day (18th): If it's a pretty day out, hold a picnic lunch on your campus or at a nearby park. If it's rainy, turn your conference room into a picnic area and bring some sandwiches.

7. July

National Ice Cream Day (19th): This day is the perfect occasion to bring a taste of summer into the office. Sharing ice cream can encourage employees to gather, socialize, and build stronger relationships with their colleagues. This can improve teamwork and collaboration.

System Administration Appreciation Day (26th): Also known as Sysadmin Day, this day is specifically dedicated to those who keep our businesses up and running: our awesome, life-saving sysadmins! Celebrate this day by expressing your heartfelt gratitude for having them as a part of your team or consider organizing an office party in their respect!

International Friendship Day (30th): Celebrate this day by appreciating your work pals. Strong friendships at work can lead to better team dynamics. Employees who are friends are more likely to trust each other, which can enhance teamwork and boost overall productivity. They are also more likely to resolve conflicts amicably.

8. August

National Book Lovers Day (9th): Looking for a creative way to unite people? Organize a book club to foster camaraderie, a healthy debate, and cross-departmental communication. Consider supporting the acquisition of books to foster greater involvement.

International Left-Handers Day (13th): Participating in a fun and inclusive activity like challenging right-handers to write with their left hands encourages team building. It creates a sense of camaraderie as team members come together to take on a light-hearted challenge.

Eat Outdoors Day (31st): An open, outdoor environment encourages open communication and free-flowing conversations. Team members may feel more comfortable sharing ideas, feedback, and concerns, which can enhance transparency and trust within the organization.

9. September

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day (1st): Every day, there is a group of people working to make sure your building is safe. Please take a moment to show your building service workers how grateful you are for their dedication to your company's safety.

Labor Day (3rd): Both a celebration of the American worker and an unofficial goodbye to summer, Labor Day was first launched in New York in 1882 with a picnic and a parade. An official holiday, it's paradoxically celebrating the importance of work and workers in our society!

Working Parents Day (16th): Working Parents Day is the day you can celebrate your hard-working coworkers and friends who are also parents. It's an excellent occasion to take them out for lunch and pamper them all day!

10. October

National Coffee Day (1st): Going to a coffee shop or participating in a virtual coffee-tasting experience can be a fun team-building activity. It allows employees to socialize, bond, and create a sense of camaraderie that can positively impact the workplace atmosphere.

Techies Day (3rd): Techies Day was created to celebrate everyone contributing to technological progress. At the office, it is an excellent opportunity to thank those who fix your computer bugs regularly! Why not take this day to learn a new software application and reveal the Techie in you?

National Boss Day (16th): Celebrating National Boss Day can improve the relationship between the workforce and their supervisors. It encourages open communication, trust, and a sense of camaraderie, leading to better collaboration and teamwork.

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11. November

National Stress Awareness Day (4th): Work can be stressful sometimes. National Stress Awareness Day reminds us that it's essential to remove stress from your life, especially at work. Celebrate this day by conducting a thoughtful assessment of the sources of stress in your work life and initiating an open dialogue with your supervisors to proactively address and prevent future stressful situations.

World Kindness Day (13th): Acts of kindness and charitable activities foster a sense of togetherness among colleagues. When employees work together to help others or show kindness within the team, it strengthens bonds and promotes a supportive work environment.

Thanksgiving (24th): Make time for your staff to talk about what they are thankful for at work. In addition to offering  employee engagement , this may boost your morale to know what's working for everyone.

December 12th

Christmas celebrations (25th): They can unite employees, helping them feel part of a more prominent, inclusive work family. Sharing in the festivities can promote a sense of belonging, which is crucial for a healthy organizational culture.

National Thank You Day (26th): Receiving expressions of gratitude and appreciation can significantly boost an individual's morale and motivation. This, in turn, contributes to a more positive and engaged workforce.

New Year's Eve (31st): Spending quality time together in a relaxed setting can help team members build stronger relationships and bond on a personal level. This can lead to improved communication and collaboration within the team, fostering a more cohesive organizational culture.

Wrapping Up!

Therefore, appreciation holidays and events provide opportunities to improve employee morale, foster a positive work environment, and enhance teamwork. Celebrating these fun occasions in the office can increase job satisfaction and a stronger sense of community among your colleagues.

So, mark your calendar, plan some creative celebrations, and take every opportunity to show appreciation to your coworkers and employees throughout the year. At Vega Rewards, we believe in creative ideas for office events and a little appreciation can go a long way in creating a harmonious and enjoyable workplace. Book a Demo today to know more.

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