Vega HR Launches End-to-End ESOP & Cap Table Management Platform - Vega Equity

May 06, 2022 | 4 min read


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Delhi, India Jan 17, 2022 ( - Vega HR, an end-to-end HR management suite that enables enterprises to streamline HR functions right from hiring to retiring, today announced the launch of Vega Equity, an end-to-end ESOP & Cap Table Management platform.

Vega Equity aims to automate the entire ESOP & Cap Table lifecycle and enables enterprises to go digital in a safe and secure manner. In doing so, it eliminates the widespread reliance on manual and outdated workflows which contain a high possibility of human error; additionally, it also automates repetitive and time-intensive steps resulting in real-time visibility.

Manish Panwar - Product Head of Vega Equity said, “Given today’s challenging startup environment, ESOPs are an added advantage over and above CTC as it enables organisations to hire and retain top quality talent at every stage of their growth, be it a decacorn or Unicorn. With increased awareness and demand in the market for ESOPs, it is and will always be one of the toughest tasks for organisations to manage ESOPs with the assistance of their existing resources manually. With Vega Equity’s automated, safe, and transparent platform, organisations can now manage complex ESOPs and Cap Tables which is indeed the need of the hour”.

The platform is built for investors, startups, and employees to save efforts, and costs and provide transparency on the equity management and shareholder’s statuses which ultimately helps in planning the next phase of equity allocations.

Vega Equity provides users with a fast path toward decision-making with its built-in data analytics and AI-ML features. Data analytics enables decision-makers to assess the existing ESOP policies/schemes and recommend changes if required.

With features such as Employee Dashboard, ESOP Payslip, Value Projections, Gamification, ESOP Budgeting, Multi-Currency, ESOPs Analytics, Paperless Management, Configurable Reports for ESOP Audits, Dynamic Cap Table, Real-Time Data Visibility, Valuation and Virtual CFO Services, Digital Document Vault, etc. organisations get access to a reliable solution for tackling the complexities and challenges that come with ESOPs & Cap Table Management.

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About Vega HR

Vega-HR is the one-stop solution for your employee engagement, rewards & benefits platform to make your organization a truly-rewarding workplace. We provide world-class employee rewards, on-spot recognition, feedback, and incentive solutions that can be monetized and redeemed with 3000+ coupons across categories such as food, wellness, travel, lifestyle & fashion, entertainment and more.

With an aim to enrich company culture, we enable organizations to plan, communicate, and benchmark both your short-term and long-term Incentives (ESOPs or Equity), perks, employee benefits (tax saving, redeemable feedback credits, mood tracking) in real-time. Our tools enable HR professionals to build, promote and reinforce strong company values and culture in the hybrid work environment.

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